Ken Shirley: "The Safety Of Our Kids Is The #1 Priority"

Ken Shirley: "The Safety Of Our Kids Is The #1 Priority"

LAKEVILLE, IN. - Nine local schools, 1st Source Bank and a local foundation are taking a step toward the safety of kids that ride school buses.

With the recent accidents involving students either getting on or getting off a school bus and being hit and killed by drivers, 1st Source Band and the local foundation are handing out flashers to students that ride buses.

"We want to make drivers aware that there is a student either getting on or getting off a bus," said 1st Source bank representative Kelsey Bettcher.  "We want drivers to know that if it flashes, a driver will see it, it will reflect off in the dark and we can save a life."

According to Bettcher, the idea came about when 1st Source Bank was approached by a foundation asking if 1st Source Bank would sponsor or go in on providing flashers for John Glenn schools.

"The Walkerton branch talked about it and felt they needed to go back to the 1st Source Vice President and President," said Bettcher.  "It ended up being a community and region project.  We wanted to give flashers to elementary age students to ensure safety when they are getting on or off the buses."

According to Bettcher, 1st Source Band purchased 7,000 flashers for elementary age students in the Argos, Bremen, John Glenn, Knox, LaVille, Plymouth, Triton, Rochester, and Winamac school district.

"Safety is always the #1 priority," said LaVille Elementary School Principal Ken Shirley.  "Anything we can do to keep our kids safe we want to do."

"We will give them to the bus drivers and they will distribute to kids in the morning," continued Shirley.  "Right now we will have them use them in the morning.  Then once the kids get on the bus, the kids will shut them off."