UNUSC Board of School Trustees Meeting - December 14, 2020

UNUSC Board of School Trustees Meeting - December 14, 2020

Union-North United School Corporation

Board of School Trustees Meeting

Monday, December 14, 2020

Lakeville, Indiana
7:00 p.m.
The meeting will be held in the LaVille Jr. Sr. High School Media Center
69969 US 31 South, Lakeville,IN 46536


Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance


Roll Call


Patron Comments on Agenda Action Items

-The public is invited to speak for 3 minutes on action items.  


Approval of Agenda



-Chris Muvceski will give an update on the current projects underway.


Principal's Report

-Mr. Edison will be reporting on the Jr. Sr. High, and Mr. Kubsch will be giving you an update on the bowling team.


Consent Vote

A member of the Board may request any item be removed from the consent items and voted on separately.


Consent Item #1. Meeting Minutes:  November 23, 2020 Regular Meeting Minutes and November 23, 2020 Executive Meeting Minutes and claim numbers 11418-11527 totaling $1,051,425.16 as presented. 


Consent Item #2.  Personnel:  

Amber Lawmaster as Elementary Counselor at $55,000 to replace Beth Hawn.  Amber’s daily rate of $300.55 times 93 equals $27,951.15 for the remainder of this school year.

Jodi Davis as High Ability Coordinator at $3000

Lisa Feitz as 611 and 619 Special Education Coordinator at $3500

Rachel DiGirolamo as STAT team leader at $510

Jessica Skelton as a STAT team member at $250

Lisa Feitz as a STAT team member at $300 

Blair Endicott as a STAT team member at the Elementary at $300

Mary Six as a STAT team member at $250 

I have accepted the resignation Cindy Brook and Amanda Kurhzal as Corporation Bus Drivers.

Correction:  Ken Urban was placed in the wrong tier for the non-cert raise.  Ken’s raise will be 5.84% rather than 8%.

Correction:  Scot Shearer was previously approved for 19 fall events at the last meeting.  Two of the scheduled events for Scot had been canceled.  Therefore, he should have 17 events at $45 for $765.


Consent Item #3.  Donations:  Dottie Hawkins has donated a coat to the Jr. Sr. High School.


Update to the Continuous Learning Plan

-The Continuous Learning Plan has been updated to reflect the ten Professional Development days over the second semester.  As a recipient of the GEERs grant, Union North United in partnership with NIESC, our Service Center, has been awarded ten days of professional development with the goal to provide technology training for virtual and elearning lessons.  The trainers will be at each building for half of each training day.  The other half of these days will be used for teachers to plan lessons and prepare for students.   The dates we have chosen are January 11th and 25th, February 8th and 22nd, March 8th and 29th, April 12th and 26th, May 10th and 24th.


Support Staff Starting Wage Scale

-Motion to approve the support staff starting wage scale.


Superintendent Comments


Board Comments


Next Meeting Dates

-December 28, 2020 Regular School Board Meeting

-January 11, 2021 Regular School Board Meeting