LaVille Royal Regiment Gets New Trailer

LaVille Royal Regiment Gets New Trailer

LAKEVILLE, IN. - LaVille Band Director Nick Lieto and the Royal Regiment are quite happy these days.

With the disappointment of not having the usual band invitational or showcase series, and the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) competition cancelled for the fall of 2020, it was easy for the band department to be discouraged.

The LaVille Royal Regiment spirits, however, were lifted with some recent changes in its practice area and the way they will be able to handle transportation moving forward.

Funds through the school corporation have helped the Royal Regiment to make some much-needed improvements to how they practice and how they will be traveling.

"Originally we were going to build a rehearsal tower for the marching band directors/staff to use during rehearsals," Lieto said of the initial plan.  "We were granted funds from the school corporation that we were EXTREMELY grateful for. In looking into a permanent structure, we found that it would be wiser to go a different route, as we were also limited on storage space for travel. The trailer that we had was great, but just not big enough.  We came up with a better option to utilize the football stadium as a tower and paint a field on the backside of the football stadium.

"It is closer to the band room and we were able to save the rest of the allotted money to purchase a new trailer and have it designed to our liking as well as redesign our existing trailer into the "Chow Wagon!" continued Lieto. "So we technically got a new director viewing area, rehearsal space, AND two trailers from the funding provided by the school corporation and donation from the LaVille band Booster program! The school also purchased a new corporation vehicle so that the trailer could be pulled with ease to every competition! We are SO very grateful!"

Those familiar with various band programs understand the need for trailers and trucks to help trasnport equipment and other necessities from the school to the competition or performance site and then back to the school again.

"In order to travel to competitions, you need to bring your equipment on the road," explained Lieto.  "We will use the trailer to transport props, instruments, color guard equipment, and podiums. We will use the Chow wagon to put uniforms in and also to store a meal that will be provided for the kids after they perform. We have plans to redesign the inside of the chow wagon so that we have a small kitchen area to cook and heat food for the kids at each competition. "

Following the arrival of the new trailer, Lieto showed off the new trailer to the Royal Regiment members.

"After the trailer had been delivered, we had rehearsal that evening," said Lieto.  "I sent all the kids over to look at it and they all had huge smiles on their faces and clapped and cheered!

"The design looks AMAZING and we can't wait to sport our new look at future competitions!," Leito said of the artwork and colors that now represent LaVille Royal Regiment.  "We believe in teaching our kids the value of hard work and how to succeed through countless situations. We have three pillars that hold us up as our foundation of culture. To be Respectful. To be Coachable. To Persevere. You will find all three of those words on our main large trailer because that is our culture and what we teach. We also believe in taking pride in what you do with a grateful heart and positive attitude. We say "thank you" for every criticism and compliment given during rehearsals. It has really hit home when the kids saw the three pillars placed on our trailer. Overall, because they see others investing in them, it has really built their pride and dedication.  We are just so grateful that the school corporation has invested in music and music education in this way! When others invest in the things you do, it makes you feel what you do matters!"