UNUSC Board of School Trustees Mtg. July 13

UNUSC Board of School Trustees Mtg. July 13

Union-North United School Corporation
Board of School Trustees Meeting

Monday, July 13, 2020

Lakeville, Indiana

Immediately following the 6:30 Union-North United School Building Corporation Meeting
The meeting will be held in the LaVille Jr. Sr. High School Media Center
69969 US 31 South, Lakeville,IN 46536


Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance


Roll Call


Patron Comments on Agenda Action Items

- The public is invited to speak for 3 minutes on action items.  


Approval of Agenda


Public Hearing on Lease Amendment for 2020 Bond


Authorizing Resolution 

Motion to approve the resolution as presented.

- Approval of the resolution for the 2020 Bond as presented.


Consent Vote

Consent Item #1. Meeting Minutes:  June 22, 2020 Regular Meeting Minutes and claim numbers 10826-10934 totaling $1,852,599.31 as presented. 

Consent Item #2.  Personnel:  

I have accepted the resignation of Casey Groves, elementary teacher.

I have accepted the retirement of Kathy Frazier, Elementary Counselor.

Michael Edison as principal of the Jr. Sr. High School at $85,000 for 220 days per year starting July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022.

David Burden to change his contracted number of days from 235 to 220.

Austin Brooks as an Elementary teacher at $ 36,500.

Lucy Zieger as and Elementary teacher at $35,000.

Tiffany Geraghty as a bus driver at $40 per run.

Erica Andert as a bus driver at $40 per run.


Summer School/Athletics.

Shawn Hill – English, $36.17 x 75 hours = $2712.75.

Ray Wenger – Algebra 1, $32.25 x 75 = $2418.75.

Mark Elliott – Algebra 2, $28.99 x 75  = $2174.25.

Clint Watts – Agricultural Experience, $33.55 x 200 hours = $6710.00.

Nick Lieto – Band at $2970.

Dale Pippenger - Credit Recovery, $15.25 x 75 = $1143.75.


Will Hostrawser’s summer coaching recommendations

Baseball-Brian Lawler at $ 1,183

Softball-Scot Shearer at $ 1,183

Basketball (Boys)-Michael Edison at $ 1,183

Basketball (Girls)-Daniel Pleninger at $ 1,183

Volleyball-Pat Gring at $ 1,183

Conditioning Coord.-Will Hostrawser at $ 1,183


Consent Item #3.  2017 Bond:  

Amereco, Inc. for asbestos inspection for all roofwork on the 2020 project at $2298

There is $51,627.22 remaining in the 17 Bond.


Consent Item #4.  Meal Prices: Cindy is asking for approval of the meal prices for the 20-21 school year.  The prices remain unchanged from the previous year.


Consent Item #5.  Food Bids:  Cindy is asking for approval of the Bakery and Dairy Bids as presented.


Consent Item #6.  Contract with GPO:  Cindy is asking for approval of a Group Purchasing Organization contract.  The group gets better pricing due to large volume purchasing.  Gordon Food Service will be the distributor for food, supplies and commodities.


Consent Item #7.  Food Vendors Outside the other Food Bids/Contracts: Cindy is asking for approval to use the vendors listed:  Commercial Foods, Stanz Food Service, Inc. and Hershey Creamery.  She uses these vendors for special items not found with the other awarded vendors.


Consent Item #8.  Surplus Items:  

Zac is asking to declare the list of items from the wood shop along with old desks and chairs as surplus to be sold at auction or to be discarded.

Jim Nace has created a list of surplus items he needs to either sell or have discarded.  He has indicated his intention with each item as part of the spreadsheet.

Consent Item #9.  Beacon Health:  This is a continuation of the athletic training contract we have had with Beacon.  The term is for five years at $30,000 with a 3% raise in each consecutive year following the first year.  We can terminate if need be according to the contract.


Transfer Students

- The set amount of public school transfers at Union North United for the 2020-2021 school year will be no more than 60 students per any grade level, K-12.  Also, the deadline to transfer into Union North United for the 2020-2021 school year will be May 21st.  This is the same amount as the previous year.


Jr. Sr. High Handbook


Elementary Handbook


Bylaw 0131.1

 - Approval of bylaw 0131.1 allowing the corporation greater flexibility during the COVID-19 pandemic.



-To move $700,000 from the Rainy Day Fund to the Operations Fund.  This has been planned since we started to put the budget together for this fiscal year.


Bowen Center

-To continue our agreement with the Bowen Center for extended social emotional services for students and families who struggle.  The agreement is for one year at $2981.25.


Superintendent Comments


Board Comments


Next Meeting Dates

- July 27, 2020 Regular School Board Meeting

- August 10, 2020 Regular School Board Meeting