Board Of Trustees To Meet Monday, February 10


Feb 10, 2020 - Board of School Trustees Meeting

7:00 p.m.
The meeting will be held in the LaVille Jr. Sr. High School Media Center
69969 US 31 South, Lakeville,IN 46536


A member of the Board may request any item be removed from the consent items and voted on separately.

Consent Item #1 Meeting Minutes: January 27, 2020 Regular Meeting Minutes, January 27, 2020 Finance Meeting Minutes and February Claim numbers 10219-10364 totaling $2,178,546.35 as presented.

Consent Item #2 2017 Bond:  The following item will be paid for using the 2017 bond:

Pemberton Davis to install vape detectors in the restrooms/locker rooms at the Jr. Sr. High at a not to exceed number of $8250.



Approval of a resolution to allow the corporation to move up to $1,789,680 from the Education Fund to the Operation Fund. 



Superintendent Comments

Board Comments



February 24, 2020 Regular School Board Meeting

March 9, 2020 Regular School Board Meeting