Notice of Public Hearing - Superintendent Contract

Notice of Public Hearing

As per IC 5-3-1 and IC 20-26-5-4.3 Union North United School Corporation School’s Board of Trustees will meet on
Monday, January 13, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. at LaVille Jr. Sr. High, 69969 U. S. 31 South, Lakeville, Indiana for the
purpose of discussing and hearing objections to and support for this proposed Superintendent’s contract.
Approved Contract Length: Three (3) Years (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2022). 260 days per year.

Salary Schedule and Benefit Package

Salary: Any increase is dependent upon Superintendent being rated Effective or Highly Effective on the Superintendent
RISE Evaluation instrument used by Union North United School Corporation.
Year Base Salary Annuity
2019-20 $108,120.00 $2,162.40
2020-21 $108,120.00 $2,162.40
2021-22 $108,120.00 $2,162.40
Approved Life Insurance: Corporation to pay premium (except for $1.00) on a $125,000 Term Life Insurance Policy.
(Corporation Cost - $195.00 / yr.)
Approved Annuity: Corporation will provide a 2% Tax Deferred Annuity for each year of the approved contract.
(Corporation Cost - $2,162.40 / yr.)
Association Membership Fees: Corporation will pay for Association membership fees. (Corporation Cost - $1,052.00/
Medical Insurance: Corporation will pay all but $1.00 on the Corporation Family Health Insurance Plan.
(Corporation Cost - $24,551.00 / yr.)
Long Term Disability: Corporation will pay all but $1.00 on a Long Term Disability Policy (Corporation Cost -
$330.85 yr.)
Vision Insurance: Corporation will pay all but $1.00 on a Vision policy (Corporation Cost - $100.16)
Leave Days: Corporation will allow 10 Sick Days, 20 Vacation Days and 5 Personal Days, as well as, those other
generally recognized holiday breaks provided all staff members in the school calendar. Five vacation days may be
saved and brought into the next contract year.
Travel: Corporation will reimburse for mileage using the Federal reimbursement rate of $.58 per mile.
Total Salary and Benefits: $136,511.41
Board Members: Ms. Karman Eash, President

Mr. Tom Smith, Vice President
Mr. Larry Ort, Secretary
Mr. Joe Czarnecki
Mr. Arden Balmer