GETTING TO KNOW: Ms Stephanie Peterson

GETTING TO KNOW: Ms Stephanie Peterson


LAKEVILLE, IN. - The Union-North United School Corporation had several new staff members join either LaVille Elementary or LaVille Jr.-Sr. High School for the 2019-2020 school year.  We welcome our new staff members to Lancer Nation and hope you enjoy "Getting To Know . . ." our newest staff member. The next edition in our series is Ms. Stephanie Peterson.

Stay tuned for more in the "Getting To Know . . ." series coming soon!

 * * * * * 

*Favorite Place To Shop? 


* Favorite Season of the Year?


* Favorite Restaurant?

Olive Garden

* Favorite Kind Of Music?


* Favorite Song?

Too many to choose from 

* Pancakes or Waffles?


* Chocolate Milk or White Milk?

Chocolate Milk

* Favorite Collegiate Team?

Notre Dame

* Favorite Professional Team (NFL, NBA, MLB, WNBA, NHL)?

I don't have one

* Bears or Colts?


* Indiana or Purdue?


* Favorite Holiday?


* Favorite Meal of the Day?


* Favorite Food?


* Favorite Movie?

Forrest Gump

* Favorite TV Show?


* Dream Job?


* My Hidden Talent?

Cake Decorating 

* Something Interesting About Me?

I live on a third generation family farm. 

* Someone From History I would Like To Meet?

Abraham Lincoln

* Up Early or Sleep Late?

Sleep Late

* The Thing That Drew Me To LaVille 

Small Town Community 

* If I Could Go Anywhere In The World For The Weekend It Would Be?


* Why I Became A Teacher/Staff Member At LaVille?

I have wanted to be a teacher since I was little. I enjoy working with kids and helping people.