Four LaVille Students Selected UCA All-American

Picture of Students Selected for the UCA All-American

LAKEVILLE, IN. - LaVille High School Cheer held a Universal Cheer Association (UCA) camp for three days during the summer.

On the last day of the camp, any of the 12 girls that attended the camp could try out to be considered for the UCA All American Team.

A total of eight girls tried out and four were selected to the UCA team based on showmanship, poise, technique or ability to lead a crowd.

Congratulations to Alexis Boettcher, Siyara DeLaurelle, Allyson Maenhout, and Makayla Sheppard on being selected to the UCA team.

With this selection, the UCA All American Team has the opportunity to go to London, England, to attend the New Year's Parade.

Each of the LaVille Cheer Crew members had the following to say about the entire experience:



"We hosted another summer UCA camp this year where we learn new material for our upcoming seasons. Along with our camp we had the opportunity to try out for All-American. Around eight girls from our team tried out and four of us were selected. We had to perform a jump, cheer, and dance. There are several thousand girls around the country who are selected as All-American. This title is given to those who have exemplified showmanship, poise, technique or crowd leading skills. During our week London we will visit many different places around the city in addition to cheering in the New Year's Day parade. I am extremely excited to represent my school all the way over in London!"



"We did the tryout here at school on the last day of camp. We had to do a cheer, chant, and a dance that we learned during camp. Also we had to do a jump of our choice. There were eight girls that tried out and four got selected. It means a lot to me to have made All American because cheerleading is my life. I have done cheer since I was little and that's all I do on my free time. I always wanted to visit London and it's really exciting because my mom and grandma are also going with me."



"Yes, I was picked for the All American cheer team. The tryout for All American was optional, so whoever wanted to tryout could. At first, I didn't know if I wanted to try out or not. The day of tryouts I changed my mind saying to myself "What's the worst that could happen I don't make it?" Well little did I know I did make it. The tryout process wasn't too bad. We did a cheer, a dance, and a jump. Out of the 12 girls on our team, only 8 tried out. 4 girls including me got picked for the All American team. To be selected to be on the UCA All American team is amazing! It means so much to that I was picked to be on the team. To travel to London would be amazing; I would get to cheer in the New Year London parade, which would be so amazing. I would also get to see a lot of amazing things. And I would meet a lot of new people. I would like to add that this is a great opportunity and I hope that I can go to London to experience it."



"The tryout process was very nerve racking, every girl had the chance to try out. For the try out you go in front of two UCA judges in a group of four. You got to pick the best two jumps you could and they taught you a dance and a cheer to try out with. 

The try out process is scary but it is not as bad as you think it is. Everyone always gets nervous and start feeling butterflies but you can't let those nerves define your try out you have to show them the best you can be so you just have to remember if you mess up you still have a shot and you can always tryout next year.

There were eight girls that tried out for the UCA team.

There are girls from all different states on the team I am not really sure about how big the team is but I do know that four (including me) from our school have made it.

It means a lot to me to be selected for the UCA team. I am very proud of each of the girls who made the team. I am so happy to say that I have worked very hard to be where I am at today in the cheer community and I cannot wait to see where this team takes me, both school and All-American.

The UCA team gets to travel into London for the London New Year's Day parade. While we are in London we will practice, sight see and just have fun it is such a great opportunity.

I would like to add that if you ever feel nervous or scared for something but you really want it, GO FOR IT, don't think you are not good enough to do something you love you never know what the outcome may be but you will not regret trying something out of your comfort zone who knows you may get the chance to do something you have never imagined before."