Technology Updates

Technology Updates

LAKEVILLE, IN. - With the summer renovation at both LaVille Elementary School and LaVille Jr.-Sr. High School, there were technology upgrades, as well.

The LaVille Technology Department has been hard at work to handout computers for all students in grades K-12.

There have been a few hiccups along the way, including Chrome books, Internet, new PowerSchool Migration, new student arrival.

Second Grade and 10th Grade levels each received brand new computers this year.


Here are a few of the items that are being addressed by the LaVille Technology Department:

Chrome books - Some students do not have their Chrome books, but the Tech Dept. is working diligently on it.  The Technology Department is looking to get these out by Monday.  There was an influx in student enrollment and more devices needed to be prepared. 

Internet - We have experienced internet interruptions.  Some struggled with this and others were fine.  We have made a lot of updates this summer to our network WIFI access points and the bugs are still being worked out.

Upstairs Technology - The LaVille Technology Department will working to complete the installation of smart boards in our newly renovated upstairs.

Please know that the Tech Dept. is busy and working on these issues.

Thank you for your patience!