Band Camp Wrapping Up; Show Preview August 2 At 6 p.m.

Band Camp Wrapping Up; Show Preview August 2 At 6 p.m.

LAKEVILLE, IN. - The LaVille Royal Regiment has spent the last two weeks in band camp to prepare for the 2019 fall marching band performance season.

The first week Mr. Nick Lieto, the Royal Regiment band director, was responsible for directing a dual role.

"Last week, we had two different things going on at same time," said Lieto.  "Last week we had beginning band camp for the new sixth graders. It was kind of a kick-start for our sixth graders in learning to put instrument together and getting ready for school.

"For the high school kids we started working half-days last week," continued Lieto.  "We were working on putting in the fall competitive marching band performance show.  We were working on memorizing music and getting our drill on the field."

This year's theme will be "Second Star To The Right", which is the story of Peter Pan.

According to Lieto, it will be a very visual show with lots of big props. The Royal Regiment will have big trees on the field along with a big storybook.  There will also be backdrops with starry nights. "It's a very whimsical show," says Lieto.

Mr. Lieto and the band use these two weeks to really put things together.

"Band camp is extremely important," explained Lieto.  "We can not do a competitive show without band camp. You cannot learn everything when the school year starts and be ready to go for the first competition in September.

"During this two weeks there is a lot going on," continued Lieto.  "I tell the kids that this is the hardest two weeks. Once they get past these two weeks it’s a breeze.  Everything gets easier. There is so much information they have to learn. Everybody has to do things the same.  It is marching band. It is a military tradition.  Everyone has to look uniform. There is a lot of cleaning. They all make it through it and they always feel very accomplished."

Senior Alexis Wilfing is the drum major for the 2019 season.

"The drum major is second command after the director and staff," said Lieto  "She is in charge of overseeing sectionals.  She conducts the show. All eyes are on her. The drum major also has the biggest leadership role.  You have to be able to take criticism.  Being a drum major is not just standing up waving your hands.  It’s trying to motivate others. It is a lot. There is a lot of stress.  Being a drum major is worth while in the end." 

Wilfing says that she is proud of where the band is at this year compared to other years.

"Band camp is going really well so far," said the senior.  "I'm really impressed on what we have accomplished so far.  We are way ahead of where we have been in past years. It is a nice head start.  We might have the whole thing on the field for the first home football game. Excited on where we are at right now."

Wilfing knows there are responsibilities on her as a drum major and understands the importance of band camp.

"As a drum major it is my job keeping everyone motivated," said Wilfing.  "We have been working 10 days in the weather.  I just tell everyone that we need to keep pushing through it and persevering. 

"Band camp is so critical," continued Wilfing.  "We would not be to do anything that we do throughout the entire season if we did not have band camp.  It's like going to play the first softball game without any practices before hand.  It's the whole basis of our entire season."

The LaVille Royal Regiment will conclude the band camp with the 2019 preview show Friday, August 2.  The event will be in the north lot at 6 p.m.

Patrons are asked to park in the east lot (near the main entrance to the school) or the west lot (near the tennis courts).  There will be no parking in the north lot due to the performance.