LaVille High School Converting To Three Lunches Beginning In 2019-20 School Year

LaVille High School Converting To Three Lunches Beginning In 2019-20 School Year

Jr.-Sr. High School Lunch Change

LAKEVILLE, IN. - Beginning with the 2019-20 school year, LaVille Jr.-Sr. High School will utilize three separate lunches for students in grades seven through 12.

"My first two years at LaVille consisted of three lunches, which meant those students having the middle lunch had a split class," said LaVille Jr.-Sr. High School principal Nathan McKeand.  "They would attend class, take a lunch break and then return to class.  This also meant that their class period was shortened.  We didn’t feel this was in the best interest of kids academically and we had the space for kids in the cafeteria during two lunches, so we shifted from three to two lunches.

"Since that time, our enrollment has increased and two lunches have become a struggle," continued McKeand.  "Limited seating, time to eat lunch and discipline concerns has all been part of the discussion when making this decision.  Anticipating that our enrollment will continue to increase, it was time to make the change back to three lunches."

According to McKeand, the daily period schedule and lunch schedule will change slightly to accommodate the additional lunch.

"Knowing that we wanted to explore going back to three lunches, we also needed to come up with a plan to do so without splitting classes," explained McKeand.  "The key to making this work was increasing our homeroom to 20 minutes and moving homeroom to 4th hour when lunches take place.  There will be some students having a split homeroom, but that was preferred over reducing class time."

McKeand feels that the change from two to three lunches will be beneficial for both staff and students.

"The impact that it will have on staff and students should be beneficial," concluded McKeand.  "The cafeteria will be less crowded, shorter lines to get food equals less time getting food and more time to sit, eat and visit with friends.  Staff will not need to stop and start classes, maintaining a focused classroom environment and maximizing time to teach."