•                              Mr. Mawhorter
    I would like to welcome you to Union-North United School Corporation, also known as
    LaVille. We have a safe, well-rounded educational environment along with many
    opportunities to be involved in extra curricular activities. The LaVille Lancer Experience
    empowers and inspires students to excel in service, leadership, academics and personal
    The LaVille Experience begins in our Elementary where each student is an important
    member of our family. Students are greeted each morning by a welcoming and
    nurturing staff, and they thrive in a very technology rich atmosphere. Small class sizes
    allow your child to be given the attention they need to be successful. LaVille Elementary
    is a safe place for kids.
    The Experience continues at the Jr.-Sr. High school, the center of our community. Our
    caring staff continually works hard to raise the bar both in and outside of the
    classroom. The Jr. - Sr. High school is where great things are taking place from gains on
    test scores to improvement in our extra curricular areas. A student at LaVille can be a
    big part of anything they put their mind to. At the Jr. Sr. High you can be a part of the
    growing Lancer Nation.
    Please contact us if you would like to learn more about being a part of the LaVille

    Mitchell D. Mawhorter, Superintendent